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1 12.5.2014, toukokuu vk 20, 2.18
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Let's engage people nationally, by, say, asking are they going to vote. Then, ask about their interests and then connect like minded people with each other, Europe-wide. The goal is to engage them in things they are interested (subjective relevance) and with people from different cultures (curiosity). As a side effect, PP's get's attention, recognition, and come out as The middle man, who provided this (yet unrealized) magic (engaging content marketing). A party agenda is more difficult to sell, than the personal interests of people, because many hate and distrust politicians and politics – especially those ~60% who would not vote.


Say, we want to get 200k votes; the has 5k members (200/5 = 40). Past EP election voting turn up was nationally only 40%. Most of the votes we need to get would come from people who do "not exist" for us (have not voted us nor have not contacted us).

Pirates are That's potentially a huge community of people. This is Europe an we are in it together. How about a challenge (improve it).

A Challenge for European (non-) voters: Connect with like-minded Europeans

Each national party challenges their countrymen to answer a question: Are you going to vote? That is a really modest and righteous question. "Go & vote" is an easy idea to sell, that most people, who care about the democracy in their country, comply with.

Do you understand what a huge opportunity and honor it is to be a candidate and have the chance to get elected? There is 20 candidates of us here in PPFI, about 250 nationwide. This is a privilege and opportunity! It in our hands to use it! Can you feel the unimaginable awesomeness of the situation and the problem? I can :D

If a person replies s/he's not going to vote, we ask why (free text; different languages) but more importantly, what things are they interested,and what they want to do in their life, in general? (Maybe even, what obstacles are keeping them from doing what they want)?

The Concept

Then we ask their contact information, for the purpose of CONNECTING ALL THESE PEOPLE ACROSS EUROPE. We group together, say 5–10 people, who a are interested in similar things. And they can be anything.


My interests would be for example #publicSpeaking, #photography, #video, #Linux, #bicycling, #edemocracy, #LiquidFeedback, #engagement, #motivation, #cognitive #science; #techno, #house, #disco, #warehousparties, #DJing, #vinyl, #DIY; #webapps, #consumerProtection, #EP14, #pirates, #internet, #startups

We give them a chance to interact with likeminded people from different cultures and locations! Who wouldn't be interested in that? (There could be some other "tasks", instructions, or incentives for interaction, too. For example, tell me how and where you go and do photography and in what kind of communities?). In general, we want to lower the bar to contact and create incentives for people to interact with interesting people. Let them get first hand experiences, how similar things are realized in different cultures.

Why it Would Work?

I think this could create unique, interesting, societally and timely relevant experiences, from person to person. We, and all those people, who are participating, were/are the one's who helped to create this... community of European people. That's what the election is about.

If you are interested in the things I mentioned above, try to contact me. Let's see what happens.

How this could be made to work?

How would you make more interesting and engaging for the people?

Follow the discussion here,

Replies and Clarifications to Comments

This is kind of freemium, analogically. We do good for the voters, so, they like and trust us. Many people hate politicians, parties, etc. This would step outside of the politics sphere: WE WOULD ENGAGE POEPLE IN WHERE THEY ARE INTERESTED, not in what we are trying to sell for them (compare, selling with benefits vs. features). In general, people tend to interested in their own lives, not what others try to sell them. This would be kind of engaging content marketing. PP brand gets known, because it acts as the middle man.

The interests could be input as keywords? Us / the operator could match them. Predictive entry is not available in Google Forms :/

The service should be asyncronous to some extent, so, we don't need to have people online at the same time. Google Hangouts would otherwise(?) be fine possibly?

Josef, lacks interaction with peers. Looks nice, though. It has some good keywords we might use.. But they are tied to EU matters. I was focusing on personally relevant and interesting matters, that must not be connected to EU issues.